• ΕΝ 1176
  • ΕΝ 71-3
  • EN ISO 9001
  • EN ISO 14001

General Overview

The company functions since 1998, focused mainly on the construction of playground equipment as well as amusement parks, urban and sport equipment.

Sheltered in a private 3500m2 compound located at the Industrial Area in Nea Santa Kilkis, the facility contains multiple specialized personnel, which are constantly trained and evaluated on technical, construction, law, fianncial and managerial matters.

Our facility contains modern machines, that we constantly upgrade and carefully mantain, always being on par with the current breakthroughs in safety, technology and leisure for children. We also carry out on-ground autopsies, evaluate existing and new spaces, create complete suggestions for your project, while providing excellent after-sales service.



Decision Making.

Management and constant checking of our different departments.

Design Department

Design of new, modern and rapidly growing products, based on standards set by the European Safety Standard EN 1176, concerning playground equipment.

Quality Assurance

Standardization of products based on ISO 9001

Constant training of employees

Handling of offers from technical folders.

Sales Department

Market Research.

Promotion of goods

Clientele development

Constant training on legal matters and State procedures

Supply of raw materials and parts, compatible with quality specs

Organization of inventory, based on our production

Visit foreign exhibitions in order to stay on par with development in the sector

Compiling of sales folders, auctions and supply contests

Trade contacts with foreign companies, with a guarantee on quality and certifications based on the European Safety Standards

Charity work .

Construction Department - Production



Saw Mill

Paint Appliance

Assembly and packing

Installation Crew

Curation Crew

Constant Quality Control

Trend Monitoring

Spare Parts Adequacy

Technical Support.

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